Sunday, April 10, 2011

Trip to St.Louis

My mom and I decided to take a "mini" vacation to St.Louis. Our very good family friend was having her son's birthday party so we decided to surprise her since her entire family lives here in KC and she always comes back for all the kids birthday parties but we have never been there! On the way we met my brother for lunch in Columbia. I hadn't seen where he lived yet since he just moved so we hung out for a little bit and then were back on the road. When we got to St.Louis I was so excited to go shopping at West County Mall. It was so awesome! We then drove to Amy's house and had a wonderful time with the Hunt family. We ended the night by swimming at our hotel and even had free popcorn and mountain dew courtesy of Drury Inn. Ha! It was such a great girls weekend. It was so nice to have a break from homework for a day! Happy Birthday Sam! We love you......... So excited to see her Uncle Phillip! Playing with Matthew and Ellie Sam got a bounce house for his birthday! So cool! As you can see Alivia LOVED it! I just love this picture....maybe this will be them going to prom one day?? Alivia and Harland...(Sam's Pops) Happy Birthday to Sam! So cute. Alivia LOVES baby Riley! I took this picture with my phone so it isn't great. How do you like her messy hair after we took the pony tail out? She is ready to swim. We were breaking all the rules tonight....mountain dew and... popcorn in bed! Oh wait a great time we had!

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  1. How fun!! So I have to ask...did Alivia stay up until 2am after having Mountain Dew??? LOL! :)