Friday, July 8, 2011

Family Field Trip to Summit Waves

Since Ben was taking off Thursday and Friday today was our water park day. We were so excited for this day and Alivia was too! We left our house at 9:45 thinking we would get there early but what we didn't know was that it didn't open until 12:00. I had taken Alivia to the 8:00-10:00 time for just kids but I didn't know that 12:00 was the open time. So, we went and got lunch and ate it the nice park right by Summit Waves. Alivia had a great time playing. We then enjoyed our sunny day at Summit Waves. Alivia really liked wearing her water wings and swimming in the lazy river since she would go so fast. She also ended up going down the slides by herself with a little encouragement from her friends. It was such a wonderful day!! :)

Sliding at the park

Swimming with Daddy! She did end up going down both of these slides by herself. We ran into 2 of my friends and their kids and so Alivia wanted to be just like them and go down the slides.

Cheeto break!! LOVE IT!

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