Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Alex

Tonight we went to Alex's birthday party. Alex is a great family friend of ours. Alex and Alivia have this cute connection. It is so funny to see them together. We joke that we might be planning their wedding one day. The party was a Star Wars theme and it was so cute. Stephanie made swords out of noodles and the kids loved playing with them. Adam put the mask on and the kids got to throw water balloons and "Darth Vader." It was pretty funny. The kids then used their swords to hit the bubbles from the bubble machine. What a fun party it was! Happy Birthday Alex! :)

The kids chasing "Darth Vader"

This just makes me laugh. I asked the two of them to take a picture and they posed like this all on their own. Maybe this will be their prom picture one day? ha! :)

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