Monday, February 8, 2010

1 Year Check-Up

Today Alivia had her 1 year doctors visit. She weighed 17 lbs 5 oz. and is in the 5th percentile for weight and was 27 3/4 inches tall and in the 15 percentile for height. YEH...she went up in percentile for height. Maybe she is going to be taller than her mommy! She checked out grrreat! Mommy asked the doctor how much milk she should be drinking and they said 16-20 ounces. Well I knew they were going to say that so I prepared my questions to them as to how to get her to drink that much. (by the way we have been bottle free for 2 weeks! :) Our doctor said it was ok to flavor her milk with chocolate or strawberry to see if that would help since she really only drinks around 10 ounces on a good day! We will try that now and see if that helps! She had 2 shots today and we decided to wait on the MMR shot. Mommy is a little scared of that one so we will get it later this year sometime. WOW!! Time flies. It seems like just yesterday she was a newborn and we were taking her for weight checks every week. She is so much fun every day. We are so glad she is a healthy and happy little girl. I know I say this a lot but she truly is a blessing! :)

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