Friday, February 26, 2010

Babysitting Ava

Today after school I picked up Alivia and Ava from the babysitter since Ava's mommy is on bed rest. Allison (Ava's mommy) is one of my very good friends. The girls had so much fun in the back seat together. They were giggling the entire way to McDonalds. It was pretty funny. My Mom and Dad and Grandma met us at McDonalds too. Unfortunately when we got to McDonalds there were big kids in the 3 and under play area so we decided not to stay because Ava got knocked down. Isn't that frustrating when parents let their big kids play in the wrong area? :( So we got our McDonalds to go and ate at Allison's house. The girls played for a couple hours until Jason got home from work and Allison did a great job resting on the couch. I would have to say I had a lot of fun with the 2 of them even though it was only for a few hours. We love you Ava! :)

Riding together in the back seat!

Playing with Ava's big girl toys. They wouldn't sit still long enough for a good picture and this was the only one I got.

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