Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Tonight we used Alivia's "big girl" plate and spoon at the kitchen table. As you can see she was a little distracted by Daisey trying to get her food but she actually reached for the spoon and played with it for a little bit. Alivia is a our little picky eater so we have to try different things all of the time. Last week she loved hamburger and cottage cheese but tonight she would only eat the hamburger dipped in ketchup...ha!! She also then decided she didn't like cottage cheese anymore but would eat the entire plate of yogurt. Funny little girl! She is LOVING playing in her big girl chair after her bath. This is her drinking her milk after bath time. SOooo Big! :)

First big girl dinner!



and drinking her milk like a big girl! :)


  1. How cute....her own plate of food with her own spoon!!! What a big girl she is:)