Saturday, February 27, 2010

Play Date

Today we had a play date with Alivia's good friends, Alivia (12 1/2 Months), Makena (10 1/2 Months), Claire (10 1/2 Months), Ramsey (8 1/2 Months), Aven (7 1/2 Months). We have been having play dates ever since they have been born so it has been so much fun watching them all grow. Every play date they interact more and more and their little personalities shine through! We had a great day today. Thanks girls for a wonderful day!

Makena and Alivia

Sooo fun!!! Alivia thought it was funny that Makena was tipping this over.

Ramsey and Alivia crawling through it!

Claire and Makena

We were trying to stand them all up for a picture!

Look at Claire's hand...too funny!

Alivia decided to go over to her bag and get some snacks. The girls then decided to join her! It was hilarious watching them all crawl to her as she was shaking the snack container!

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