Thursday, May 6, 2010

Chalk with Daddy

WOW...we have had quite the busy and tiring week. Mommy had something to do every night this week, including starting her specialist degree on Wednesday night!!! Mommy was really excited about it because she has wanted to start it for a while. It was a pretty busy week to start class but we got through it. Tonight was writing night at Mommy's school so this was Daddy having fun with sidewalk chalk outside. Daddy actually sent this picture to Mommy during writing night on her phone. It made me smile so much!! Thanks Daddy for the sweet thought! Alivia is feeling a little better so she was excited to go outside finally tonight. She is still pretty high maintenance so she has stayed home all week! Hopefully we are on the mend to this yucky sickness. We will see Dr. Powell tomorrow for her 15 month check-up so hopefully the ear is doing better. Have a great Friday everyone!


  1. This is the cutest thing ever!!! Hope she starts feeling better! You have such an amazing family! I love reading about everything that is going on in your lives! I am so happy for you guys!! Have a great Mother's Day this weekend!

  2. And, I see she eats the chalk no matter where she is!! LOL!!! Hope to get to love on that little darlin' really soon. We all miss her. The kids are asking everyday where Alivia is..Have a WONDERFUL MOTHER'S DAY! You Certainly Deserve It!! Love ya...Janet