Thursday, May 27, 2010

First Water Play

Tonight was Alivia's first time actually playing with the water in her table! She LOVED it. Rosy cheeks and all just like her mommy!! I think she would have stayed out there all night long if we would have let her. Mommy and Daddy enjoyed being outside in the sun playing in the hose too! The dogs even got in on the action. What a great start to our summer fun!

Doesn't she look so big? I actually took this picture yesterday but I had to take one because she wore this tank top last summer, he, he!! 3-6 months!


LOVE the boats!

So fun!

I LOVE being outside!

After we came inside from playing we were taking Alivia's clothes off for bath time and she started hitting me while I was holding her. She knows what happens when no is said to her more than once...timeout (which is against any wall)! So here she is in timeout for hitting. I am so mean! :(

Trying to leave but sat back down when Mommy and Daddy said no. That is a huge success for her AND she is in timeout without throwing a fit...YEH!!! :(

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  1. I think timeout is so hard at this age. However, I think (and hope) that if we teach Mason at a young age it will help out in the long run. Does that make sense?