Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sick Alivia :(

Well our poor baby officially has her first case of the "flu." She had her first temperature, vomit and diarrhea all at the same time. Mommy and Daddy are NOT used to Alivia sitting still for anything but she has been sitting on the couch cuddling for the past 24 hours. Of course, we hate seeing our little baby not feeling well but we really have enjoyed our cuddle time since Alivia is not a cuddler at all. I actually got to rock Alivia to sleep for the first time and boy did I LOVE it. At the same time it has been really hard to see her not feeling well. She actually got up and walked around a little bit today and ate a few crackers so hopefully she is getting better. Grandma Stewart is staying home with her tomorrow. Hopefully she won't have a temperature in the morning so she can go back to Janets on Tuesday. We hope you get better soon Alivia!

I don't feel good Mommy but I LOVE my pacie and my baby doll. They make me feel so much better!

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