Saturday, November 20, 2010

Alivia's First Haircut....

Today we had Alivia's hair cut for the first time. We are very fortunate in that a very good family friend has cut our families hair for a long time so we were so excited for Jo Ann to be the one to do it. Alivia wasn't too sure about the whole process and wouldn't even eat a sucker while her hair was cut but she never cried, just kind of had a serious look the entire time! We just had a little cut off in the back so it wouldn't look like a mullet anymore, he, he! She still has her little curls in the back but now it is straight across instead of at a v angle! ha! She is growing up so so fast! Thanks Jo Ann....we love ya!

What is going on??

Look how long it is in the back when it is wet....

Trying to give her a sucker but she wouldn't do it!! She LOVES suckers so this was a first!

She liked looking in the mirror with Mommy!
Still not quite sure but sitting so nicely! Half of her curls are gone...:( But it looks so much thicker now!
Alivia's first curls for he scrapbook....:(
Her new hairdo!! :) No more mullet!!! Look how much thicker it looks!


  1. Alivia you are so brave! Can't wait to see your new hair cut! :)

  2. I love how serious she looks in all the pictures! Can't wait to see your new hair cut!