Saturday, November 13, 2010

Uncle Phillip Surprised Us...

Saturday night Ben and I were getting ready to go to our friend's birthday party when there was a knock on the was Uncle Phillip! He surprised us coming home from college for the weekend. We haven't seen him since the summer so we were so excited and Alivia is so good at saying Uncle Phillip now. She loves him so much. As soon as he came in she followed him everyone and said, "Come on" so he would take her everywhere. It is too cute. We decided to stay in and spend some time with Uncle Phillip and then Sunday we had chili and watched the Chiefs game with the entire family. It was a wonderful weekend!!

She LOVES playing with Uncle Phillip...

Our little Chiefs Cheerleader!!

Trying on Uncle Phillip's shoes!!

So into his phone...

Trying to get her to smile for a pic...yeh right!

Putting her bow in Uncle Phillip's hair...he, he!

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