Friday, November 26, 2010

Playdate with Ashley, Matthew and Riley

Alivia and Matthew haven't seen each other for a couple weeks so Alivia was super excited that Matthew and his baby sister, Riley were coming over today. Of course, I was super excited to see Ashley too! The kids are at such a fun age because they giggle and play together. It is too cute!! Here are a few pictures from this morning. Baby Riley, I am so sorry we didn't get any pictures of you this morning. We will promise to get some pictures of you next time. We love you very much!! :)

Alivia kept telling Matthew to "Come on!" This is her new favorite phrase. We thought that were too cute sitting in Alivia's chair together. Aren't they going to be a cute bride and groom someday??

Riding in the car together!!! I was amazed that Alivia let him in the car with her! LOL!

Funny faces...

Watch out! This is my girl! :)


Matthew's turn!

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