Sunday, June 26, 2011

Jensen's Baptism

This morning we had the honor of standing as Jensen's god parents at his baptism. We were so honored and privledged when Chad and Kristin asked us to be Jensen's god parents. Jensen is a true blessing and we were so grateful to be able to witness god's love for him today. We are also so thankful to have such amazing friends like Chad and Kristin. They are the true meaning of friendship. They are like family to us and we love them very much. Jensen, we are so proud of you and you did so great today. We are so excited to watch you grow. Alivia can't wait to teach you all sorts of fun things. We had an amazing day celebrating such a wonderful thing!

After his baptism

Anne (Kristin's sister) and Kristin and Chad

Kristin's Family

Chad's Family

Chad's Family

Alivia gets so excited when she gets to hold Jensen! I LOVE IT!

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