Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Story Time and Funny Faces

Every Tuesday my mom has been watching Alivia since I am working on my intern hours at school. Which, by the way I am really enjoying my intern experience. :) My mom has been taking her to story time at the library every Tuesday. This was Alivia's third week going and she even got up and danced and sang with the kids. This is a big step for her because it takes her a while to warm up to new situations. I love how they don't just read a story, it is an entire lesson where they make a craft. I am so lucky that my mom can do this with her each week. One more week for me and then I will be able to take her. I am so looking forward to spending every minute with her with no homework worries!! I am almost there!

The mask she made at story time!

So happy!

Pouty face....

Cheeseburger face as Alivia calls it!

"What?" face as Alivia calls it! HA

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