Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Babysitting BIG BROTHER Matthew

Today we were so lucky to have Matthew with us because his mommy had his baby sister this morning. Baby Riley was born at 9:33 weiging 8lbs 8oz and 19.5 inches long. We are so excited to meet her. Matthew and Alivia played so well together and Alivia even shared pretty well!! I was very surprised about. Matthew, we love you so much. You are welcome anytime. Maybe next time you can bring your new baby sister with you so your mommy and daddy can go out??? Congrats on being a big brother! You are going to be so sweet with baby Riley. Sorry the pictures are a little out of order. Enjoy!
OK, Ben did this to Matthew's hair. He LOVES spiking little boys hair.
Matthew says, "YEAH...Alivia is awake!"
Picnic time!

A little water play!
Alivia trying to push Matthew out of the car. Needless to say we had to practice taking turns in it.

Matthew's turn to ride and Alivia is pushing!
Very intrigued with Numbers Nursery from Baby Einstein

We had to get Alivia's pink chair out because Alivia needed a chair too. ha!
Kisses for Matthew

He LOVED touching the t.v. It was funny!

Aliva's turn to ride and Matthew is pushing.

Showing Matthew how to make a basket.

Gave the ball to is your turn now! Alivia, good sharing!

YEAH...Matthew made it!!!

Come on Alivia!

Playing together....future boyfriend and girlfriend!

Taking turns!

Matthew LOVED this toy

Letter fun!

Rolling the ball back and forth with Ben

Giggling at Ben

Story time before naps!! They both have their stuffed animal. Too cute! How do I look with 2 kiddos?? I LOVED it!

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  1. Matthew is soo cute! Glad you had a great day with him. I'm sure Alivia was a great host. We can't wait to meet baby Riley!! looked good with two kiddos in your lap Whit!! :)