Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Play Date at the Hunt's House

Today we had a play date with Alex (3), Ellie (1), Matthew (1) and Morgan (2). The kids had a great time and the Mommy's got to catch up as well. Here are some funny pictures of us trying to get a picture of all the kids! Thanks for a great time Hunt family!

Ashley with Matthew, Ellie and Alivia (baby stoffregen is on the way...2 more weeks!)

Alivia escaping!

Jami in the mix now with Morgan, Alivia, Alex, Ellie and Matthew

Alivia's new attitude. Boy, I think we are in trouble since she is already crossing her arms AND scrunching her nose at the same time!!

1 comment:

  1. Those picture crack me up!! It seemed impossible to get Morgan to pose. She went from loving picture time to running from the camera. All I know is I was sweating by the end of our mini photo shoot with all the kids! :) We loved seeing you and your precious girl!