Friday, July 2, 2010

Gymnastics Express

As I have posted before we have been going to GAGE Friday mornings for open gym with teacher friends. I know I really don't need to take pictures every time she goes but every time I say I am not going to take pictures she starts doing something different that I haven't caught on camera yet. This morning we were the first ones there and Alivia remembered right where to put her shoes. She usually just follows the other kiddos so I was suprised she remembered all by herself today. Our little girl is growing up so so fast and with this is bringing quite a little stubborn attitude! He, he! We just LOVE her spunky personality and her constant giggles. I can't believe next week she will be 17 months. What a big girl! I didn't get any of the big slide pictures today but that is her obsession...climbing up the big slide. She is definitely a little monkey!

Putting her shoes away all by herself!


She played on this little slide for a while today.

What a fun swing!

Surprise...Aunt Kristin came to play too today!

Jumping like a big girl on the trampoline!

Cheese with Ava!

Ava swinging high into the pit!

Brielle and Alivia! SO cute!

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