Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family Sunday

Since Ben and I were gone with friends Friday and Saturday we wanted today to be a family day. We started our Sunday like normal. First, church and then the grocery store. We then came home and played together in Alivia's pool. Boy, does she LOVE it. She especially loved it today because Ben and I actually swam in her pool instead of sitting on the outside. She thought it was hilarious. It was a wonderful family day! I am so lucky to have such an amazing family. I am truly blessed!

Daddy thought Alivia needed 2 popsicles! lol!

These popsicles are called mighty minis slow melts. They are perfect for little ones because they are really small and take a while to melt. As you can see Alivia is in heaven eating them! Ha!

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  1. Hey Whitney, As I read your recent posts, I of course laughed "with" you over the bowling shoes! Too Funny!! And, I turned up the volume so Joe could hear Alivia blowing bubbles. You ARE very Blessed with your family, and the rest of us are truly blessed by YOU!! You are a terrific person and a GREAT MOM!!! Have a good two weeks and we'll be anxious to see our little darlin' when we get back! Love to all of you! Janet