Friday, May 20, 2011

Alivia's First Manicure

Today after school I took Alivia to Jo Ann (our family friend who cuts our hair) to get her hair cut. Alivia was perfect for Jo Ann and sat real still in the chair. After she got done Alivia was adamant that I get my hair cut too! So I sat down in the chair and Jo Ann pretended to cut my hair. As she was looking at my hair she decided I really needed a cut and a highlight too. SO....her daughter, Jessica, came up and watched Alivia while I got my hair done too! Alivia sat in this chair for 25 minutes while Jessica painted her nails. I have painted her nails many times but we always get it all over the place because she never sits still long enough. I couldn't believe how big she was acting. She had such a great time. Thanks for a great girls night out of pampering with my favorite little girl! :)

So pretty....


Pretending to blow dry her hair and read a magazine! he, he!

Having so much fun!

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