Sunday, May 8, 2011

Rocking Alivia

Every night Ben and I take turns giving Alivia her bath and then Alivia and I read books together. Just recently Alivia has only wanted her Daddy to lay her down every night. I have always thought it was really cute when she would ask for her Daddy. Well Thursday night when Ben was at night class she was upset that her Daddy wasn't home to lay her down. When we got in her room she kept telling me that she wanted rocked! This may not sound weird to some of you but Alivia has never, ever been rocked. Even when she was a tiny baby she has never wanted rocked and actually we worked really hard on independent sleeping so we were glad she didn't insist on rocking. Needless to say, I seriously thought she was kidding when she asked me to rock her but I went ahead and rocked her. As we were rocking she looked at me and said, "Mommy, you just have to do it for a minute. Thats what Daddy does." At that moment I was thinking back to the countless nights I spent nursing Alivia in this chair. I couldn't believe she was actually talking to me like a big girl. It was an exciting but sad moment. Our little girl is growing up so fast!! Well she was right. I just rocked her for a little less than a minute and laid her down awake and that was all she needed! Here is a picture I captured tonight of the daddy/daughter rocking method. LOVE, LOVE it!

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