Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Strep Throat :(

Well unfortunately Alivia has strep throat. She came down with a fever on Friday so my mom went to get her at Janets. Her fever went down by Sunday and we thought she was feeling better. Since we had my grandmas 90th birthday party Sunday we knew Alivia was 100% but she couldn't miss out on this family event. She was running around by the end of the party so we thought she was feeling better. My mom stayed home with her yesterday and her fever came back so my mom took her to the doctor and sure enough she has strep throat. :( This is the 3rd time she has been sick this year...ugh! I just hate it. I am so so grateful that my mom can stay home with her when she is sick. I know Alivia enjoys staying with grandma too. She is on antibiotics now so we hope she feels better soon!! :(

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