Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alivia in the Rain

Tonight while I was at class Ben took these pictures of Alivia playing in the monsoon on the deck. I guess Ben wasn't worried about the lightning that could have struck Alivia. Ok, I am being a little dramatic but I LOVE that Ben gets so creative with her when I am gone. I also love that he takes pictures while I am gone. She apparently had the time of her life in the rain! I sure hope tomorrow is a sunny day!!


Having a blast!

I don't know if you can see it very well but the middle of our yard is always a big swimming pool. Ben hates it because then it takes forever to dry before he can mow. You all know Ben and his yard work!

Chasing Daddy!

Do I have to go in for bath time??


  1. Totally a random comment...but let Ben know that a friend of ours had the same issues with their backyard when it rained. They got a french drain put in. It keeps their yard from becoming a "swimming pool" everytime it rains. Just an idea for Ben your yard man! :)
    P.S. Morgan wanted to go in the rain tonight. She got her rainboots on and raincoat. I was a mean mommy and wouldn't let her go outside. I was afraid of the lightning. Next time I will send her to your house since Ben is such a dare devil!!! HA!

  2. You are very blessed...Ben is a GREAT DADDY!! I agree with the french drain idea. We had to have someone come out years ago and bury some pipes in our back yard because of the hill and driveways behind our house. Can you say "SWAMP"?
    Give my girl a kiss for me and her Joey!!