Monday, June 21, 2010

First Dentist Visit

Well today was Alivia's first trip to the dentist. I know you all might think this is crazy that I already am taking her to the dentist but our dentist likes to do a first happy visit free of charge so the kiddos aren't scared when they have to come back. We LOVE our dentist. She is very young and the most thorough dentist I have ever been too. She has really neat gadgets she uses too! She looked in Alivia's mouth and checked her gums and teeth and everything checked out great. Alivia was such a good girl so we headed to Paradise Park with Grandma and Grammy and Allison, Ava and Luke came too. We had a great morning playing!

What a big girl coloring at the table while we waited for them to call her name! She jumped right up when they called her name. It was so cute!

I love that they have these things in the waiting room. It makes mom's lives much easier!
What in the world am I doing in this big fancy chair?

Playing with the timer while we waited for the dentist.

So happy because she got 2 toothbrushes, a sticker and a duck from the treasure box!!


  1. You are one step ahead of us...I want to take Morgan, but I am worried she will be wild and freak out on the poor dentist. :) Good job are brave!

  2. Hehe. Btw, if her visits to the dentist happen frequently, she will get used to it. You won't have a hard time asking her to go to the dentist when she gets older. She'll have loose teeth soon, and you'll be visiting your dentist more frequently. Just watch over her playful acts. They may cause an accident that can damage her teeth.

    --Ethan Pew