Saturday, June 5, 2010

First Slumber Party!!!!

We have been so excited for this night for a while now! Makena is Alivia's good friend and Makena's mommy is a good friend from college. Makena's mommy and daddy dropped her off with us at an engagement party for our friends who are getting married in Vegas in a couple weeks. We had a lot of fun with the girls at the party! We went home and played, played and played! We definitely stayed up way past their bed time but I figured it was a special night since they both were having their first sleep over! Makena is such a sweet and awesome baby! We miss her already! Thanks for letting us watch your little angel! She is welcome anytime!! Enjoy the pictures!

How do we look as a family of 4??? Don't get any ideas. I am NOT quite ready yet!

Alivia LOVED having a friend in the back seat with her but I think they both were a little confused!

So sleepy after the drive home!

But they woke right up for play time when we got home! Kisses!

Water table fun!

Drink and snack break!

They both were pretty sleepy by this time but I just had to give them a bath together. Look at their sad faces together!!

Alivia's ornery face! Makena was like, "What!"

Duck and Monkey's -here is Alivia showing Makena how to throw a fit!! Sorry Jenn and Ryan!

Isn't this the cutest little monkey ever???

Ready for bed. They both have their pacies and their babies!

Out in nothing flat!

Out number 2!

So Alivia woke up at 7:00 (a little earlier than normal) and went in and knocked on Makena's door because I had just shut the door so we wouldn't wake her up. It was so cute because I knew Alivia was excited to see her!

Good morning Makena!!!

Good morning kisses!

Eating breakfast and watching the letter factory!!!

Makena looking at Izzey and wondering what she was doing!

Makena liked to slide!

I think Alivia may become a teacher. I have never seen her do this before but she was saying the word with the picture and then hitting the button. Then she would look at Makena and point like she was trying to teach her!! Of course, I was so proud!

Alivia showing Makena how to make a basket!

Makena's turn!! Alivia clapped and cheered for her! It was so cute!
Ball pit fun! This was the last picture I got before we left for church!!!

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