Monday, June 28, 2010

Back from Vegas

Like I said in my last post Ben and I left for Vegas on Friday with some good friends and Alivia stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Richeson. She was spoiled with lots of fun. They went swimming, played at parks and even went to Deanna Rose Farmstead. Thanks for a great time. I had so much fun with you! Love, Alivia :)



Grandpa Richeson

So cute!

Daddy LOVED this picture because he used to work for John Deere when we lived in Iowa.

What a neat picture!


Swimming with cousin Brooke

Ball fun!

Swim time!

Playing with Grandma

Too cute! She must have really liked what she was eating because she usually is never happy in a highchair! Love it!

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  1. these pictures were adorable! she is so cute and petite, i love it. i saw you said your husband used to live in iowa, my husband is from iowa! we truly do need to get together. maybe one night you guys could could come down and have an adult drink in the driveway and the girls could meet! :)