Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last Day of School

Today and yesterday were bittersweet days. I always cry on the last day of school (imagine that?). I am sure most of you are not surprised as I am an emotional person anyway. Kindergarten is so wonderful to teach because they grow so much throughout the year. I love seeing them turn into "big kids" by the end of the year. I had quite a few of my kids shed tears at the end of the day yesterday and then I shed a few. The neat thing about kindergarten though is that I will get to see them walk by my room every day to go to first grade. I absolutely LOVE that. After all my kids left it was bittersweet because I knew I was going to miss my kids and the teachers but I was also going to get to start my summer with Alivia. I can't wait to spend every day with her on different field trips and play dates. Let the summer begin!!

I took this picture tonight because as I was running Alivia's bath water Daddy decided to get the box of gold fish out for a night time snack. Ha! Isn't this wonderful them eating on the kitchen floor! LOVE IT!

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  1. Have a Wonderful Summer! Enjoy the Fun and Exciting age Alivia is right now. I truly missed her sweet little snuggles today!! She's just so darn Sweet and Cute!!
    Hope you had fun swimming!!