Friday, June 11, 2010

GAGE Open Gym

Today we had our first experience at Gymnastics Express open gym. Alivia had such a blast and I can't wait to go back. She is definitely a fearless little monkey. We had such a great morning! Enjoy the pics!

Ava and Alivia jumping on the trampoline!! So fun!

Alivia wasn't too sure about the pit!!

Loved crawling in this. I really need to get her one of these with a tent! I have been trying to find one without characters on it. Anyone seen one?

I couldn't believe that she was actually doing this by herself! My brave little girl. Of course, I went behind her in case she fell! She kept saying "slide, slide, slide!" Needless to say I was sweating after going up this slide many times! lol!

Sliding with Mommy! I think I was having a little too much fun!

Alivia going by herself!

This is the best place ever Mommy!

Practicing somersaults! I couldn't snap it in time but they both did it. It was so cute!

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  1. What a fun time...when I had older kids, we used to go up there and play every week! It is amazing!! And, I loved the pictures!