Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Rough Shopping Day

So today was one of those days that I knew would be coming but I just didn't know when. We started shopping at 8:30 this morning. I had a lot of things to take back so we were headed to many places. We went to Target, Gap Outlet, Babies R Us and the mall. Alivia is still taking a morning nap but usually if we go somewhere during her nap time she is ok to not have one. Well not the case this morning. She threw a huge tantrum every single store we went to. She would not sit in a cart and refused to let me hold her. These fits were screaming and throwing herself down on the ground. I could have just went home after Target but I had a lot of stuff to get done so instead we just plugged on right through the fits. While we were at the mall I let her play in the activity area (I know...GERMS but whatever works, right?) thinking this would help but it only made things worse because then she didn't want to leave. So right as we were leaving she had diarrhea all up the back of her outfit so we HAD to go the the community bathroom to change her. Well most of you know I don't care for the changing stations at public places and the ones at the mall by the food court are absolutely gross. I had to bare through it while Alivia was flipping out all over the place while I was changing her. It was definitely a mom experience I won't ever forget. I was just glad no one walked in on us at that point so they didn't get disgusted from the poop and see my physically holding Alivia down. He, he! Ok, well needless to say we went home right after this incident. Alivia then took a 3 hour nap, thank goodness. I am thinking it was my fault that she was so tired since she missed her morning nap. I probably should have gone home after the first store. She ended the night with her second night of swimming lessons at Legacy Park. Since I have class on Tuesday and Thursday nights Ben takes her on the other nights. She was still a little moody at her swimming lessons but not bad at all. Hello toddler stage for Alivia, right? Of course, I love her just the same but hoping tomorrow is better!

Ok, so don't ever try to take an umbrella stroller instead of the big stroller can't carry everything and it tips over if you have to carry your child and push the stroller. I am sure that was hysterical if you could have seen me today doing this!

First time riding the carousel!

LOVED the ice cream truck

So fun!

Of course, all of the pictures she is having a good time because she was doing what SHE wanted to do. :)

LOVES the slide at swimming lessons

Her teacher catching her!

Our night ended with a bruiser on the side of her head. This was her chasing after me with the ice bag. Poor Alivia. She crashed in bed at 7:30 in nothing flat!

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  1. Oh sweetie...I am so sorry. We have had a few of those fits in public places. Where are you guys taking swim lessons at?