Friday, June 4, 2010

First Day of Summer Fun!

Today we went to my friend, Aubrey's house. They have a pool, bounce house, sand box and much more! Alivia had a great time playing with all the big kids! Thanks for having us over! We
can't wait to play again!

All the kids!
Cheese with Mommy!

Brielle and Alivia- Brielle taught Alivia to jump in without being scared. They would say, "1, 2, 3, go!" Thanks Brielle for teaching me how to be brave! Love, Alivia

Snack and drink break with Brielle and Henry

Allison, Ava and baby Luke stopped by to play too!

Bounce house fun!! Mommy so wants one of these now!!!

Sand box fun!

Alivia's first sucker! Aubrey gave all the kids suckers as we were leaving. Here they all are eating their suckers!

Kisses for Henry!

Kisses for Hudson!


  1. I was so sad to miss this day! It looks like you all had a very good time!!! Enjoy your summer!

  2. I really need to have a baby so I can play with the cool kids too.