Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas with the Hunt Family

This afternoon we had Christmas with the Hunt family. They are our very good family friends. Ashley and I must have thought alike because we both got the kids magna doodles!!! Alivia's was pink and Matthew's was Thomas the train. The kids had a blast playing together. It is too cute seeing them interact these days. Alivia even managed to potty 2 times at their house. I was so proud of her since this was her first "travel" potty since we have started underwear and pants. She also went potty 2 more times when we got home before she went to bed. YES, YES....this was a completely dry day for Alivia...YIPEE!!! What a big girl!!! What a wonderful day we had!! :)

Matthew and Alivia opening their presents!

Ashley smiling with Alivia and baby Riley (Matthew's sister)

Grammy and Uncle Phillip stopped by too!!


Grandma Stewart stopped by too!! :)

My mom thinks it is pretty humorous to take profile pictures of Alivia and I. It is pretty funny how much we look alike from the side! :)

All of us with the kids!!! What a great afternoon we had! :)

The precious girls! Alivia LOVES baby Riley! :)

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