Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Haircut #2

This morning was a BIG DAY for us!! I will have to admit I was quite nervous to take Alivia out with pants and underwear on but I was also pretty excited to get out of the house for a little bit. Her hair hasn't grown much but it is has grown just enough to get a little cut off to help with her frizziness. Jo Ann even put this product in her hair that made her curls look so cute and it looks like such a big girl haircut. Alivia DID great sitting in the chair by herself and even talked to Jo Ann this time. She ALSO stayed dry the entire time we were gone. When we got home we started playing and she said, "Pee, pee, Mommy!" and went potty on the toilet!! My big girl is growing up. I am a very proud Mommy, as I always am, but especially today. Alivia just went down for a nap and refused to go potty saying she didn't have to go so we will see if she is dry when she wakes up! lol! We are looking forward to Christmas with Matthew this afternoon!! :)

Jo Ann is enticing her with candy canes and suckers!!!!

LOVES the mirror!

Being so still!!

She even put her head down so she could cut the back!! What a good girl!

LOVES the blow dryer!


The blank stare down that Alivia LOVES to give. I promise she was happy when this was taken but she just LOVES her stare downs. Look at her big girl haircut! :)

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