Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas with the Stewarts

Ben and I are so lucky to both have such wonderful families. We truly are blessed and very fortunate in every way possible. We had an amazing day and love them all very, very much! Mom and Dad,Grammym and Phillip- thank you so much for everything. You are the best and definitely make Christmas extra special every year. I am so glad that we have our little angel now to share these moments like I had when I was growing up. It means so much to me. LOVE YOU!

Grandma Stewart and Alivia

Alivia helping Grandma with the presents...

Her new favorite alphabet book...
Alivia and Mommy got matching pumas!

Clothes time!

Baby Doll time!

Playing with Grammy!

Trying on her new vest!

Pretending to take a nap with her baby and Daddy!

Uncle Phillip got Alivia a stroller, highchair and bed for her baby!!

Officially obsessed with babies!

Her SURPRISE power wheels car!!!! Yes, it is batter out!

Papa showing Alivia how to work it!

Having a blast!

Taking her baby for a ride!

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  1. Wow! Alivia got lots of fun toys!! Morgan got the same baby doll, stroller, crib, etc. last year. It is still a favorite around our house. :)