Thursday, December 30, 2010

Play Date with Morgan

This morning we had a play date with Morgan. I am good friends with Morgan's mommy, Jami. We had a lot of fun playing at Morgan's house today. She has so many neat toys that Alivia LOVES! She loved them so much that she didn't like going to potty very much at their house because she had to stop playing. She did make it to the potty twice but had a little accident the second time. Thats ok, we are learning! She did go potty all by herself when we got home though before bed time. Morgan and Jami, thanks for a great morning. We LOVE playing with you!! Happy potty training Morgan. You did so good this morning and are such a big girl. We LOVE your potty parade and neat toy box. Hope to see you soon! :)

Eating lunch together in their underwear since Morgan is potty training too! :)

Look how cool this trampoline is??

TOO FUN!!! Morgan did some really cool jumps on it! :)

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